Book Cover Design

Book cover design for the Penguin Student Book Awards 2021. This design is for the children's poetry book Talking Turkeys by Benjamin Zephaniah. 

This concept focused on the idea of the turkeys wreaking havoc and trying to have their voices heard. I chose to have the microphone stand create the letter 'T' for the main title and wanted the turkeys to be scrabbling to reach it in order to shout about their rights.


I chose a bright and bold colour palette that was derived from Reggae influences as seen in Zephaniah's work, but softened the colours in order to appeal to the young target audience. 

Talking Turkeys Book Cover Design, mock

Book cover design for Woman in Chains, a self published pulp novella by Sisi Argento about a woman who is wrongly accused and sent to jail in the 70's. 

For the concept of this cover the client wanted to capture that 70's asthetic and movie poster feel of the popular women in prisons tropes of the 70's & 80's. The novella itself focuses on women relationships within the prison and so I wanted to create a cover that looked very feminine at first glance, but juxtaposed the subject matter. By using flowery font, colours and images it plays to that trope. The idea behind the hand wrapped in a chain was to be suggestive and literal at the same time. 

Woman in Chains Mock up