Logo & Branding Projects

Friends of Glasgow Museums

A community that has protected, supported and celebrated Glasgow Museums and its collections since 1944

The focus of this logo re -branding was on the language, people & strong heritage of the company.


By using the appropriate language  the logo is allowed to feel more inclusive and welcoming of all, a key point that the company highlighted they wished to achieve in their new logo.


Throughout the branding I wanted to introduce terms such as ‘lets be friends’ (as seen in the bus promo poster) and also use  ‘I am a friend’ and ‘dear friend’ as opposed to dear sir/madam in letters/emails. By not using generic terms which make individuals feel like a ‘consumer’ or ‘customer’ it helps each person feel valued and like part of a community instead of just another number. This allows the company to feel more inclusive and welcoming to all, as well as prevent the hard sale tactic that the company wished to avoid.

I chose to have the words FRIENDS, and GLASGOW slot together like building blocks to show the importance of the connection between the two. I also used a line and the words ‘since 1944’ to encapsulate the heritage behind the organisation. I see it as representing the longevity and the timeline of the Friends of Glasgow museums.


This design was awarded 3rd prize within the competition 

Edinburgh, Scotland
United Kingdom